Suggestions for Help

The Kurds are seeking a National Congress. They need autonomy sufficient to safeguard themselves in whatever form is most expedient and effective. Their safety concerns must now be primary and top of the political agenda as the risks for them are extreme. They and their identity are being deliberately eroded / erased, due to a combination of location, politics and policies of surrounding regimes, the lack of an autonomous region and super powers who utilise, use and abuse them and neglect to follow through in relation to the needs of the Kurds ultimately.

They should be viewed as a readymade peacekeeping nation / force where it is most needed in the Middle East and so a critical factor in helping to ensure global peace also. It is in the best interests of humanity to recognise this potential before it is too late and also that many powerful factions do not want peace as they make a fortune from war. The public must become much more vigilant in this regard and attempt to hold those responsible to account appropriately.

In a highly precarious political environment both internally and externally unity and strength of the Kurdish forces has never been more crucial. The forces are vital to the protection of their people and they must attempt to rise above any difficulties to deliver it.

I suggested associate membership of relevant forces / organisations to the Kurds as a means of raising funds for those most in need but also as a way to build useful links between people and raise the profile of the cause. It would facilitate expansion of the concept of volunteering and widen the recruitment pool of help.

The Kurds have proved their ability to handle the major crisis in relation to displaced persons and refugees and could undoubtedly make a success of this if the relevant resources were allocated to them, instead of to other parties who are only scratching the surface of the issues at best.

Information for Asylum Seekers / Refugees follows.