Saviours of Humanity

The Kurds have no shortage of heroes and heroines and they have become mine now too. I always find their example, courage and spirit to be inspirational. I think it is vitally important to recognise immense sacrifices and achievements for humanity so that others can be guided by the best examples.

I believe Abu Leyla merits the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the Kurds and all of us, who have been protected primarily by the Kurds in the fight against ISIS. Tragically it is now far too easy to visualise a WW3 scenario. The Kurds are perhaps the main force preventing that becoming a reality.

I would also love to see such recognition for Raoul Wallenberg, the greatest rescuer of WW2 and for Asa Jennings and Halsey Powell who were the primary rescuers of WW1. In order to encourage resolutions, need over greed, people over profit and peace over war great humanitarians such as these are the people we need to look to and to have in positions of influence.

Raoul Wallenberg was not a conformist and that proved to be the greatest attribute.

“To be a hero, you have to learn to be a deviant, because you’re always going against the conformity of the group. Heroes are ordinary people whose social actions are extraordinary. Who act.” -Philip Zimbardo

Raoul Wallenberg did not use traditional diplomacy. He more or less shocked other diplomats at the Swedish Legation with his unconventional methods. He successfully used everything from bribery to threats of blackmail. But when other members of the Legation staff saw the results of Wallenberg’s efforts, he quickly gained their full support. Armed only with courage, determination and imagination, Raoul Wallenberg saved approximately 100,000 Jews from slaughter. He was able to issue thousands of protective passes, purchase and maintain “safe houses” and soup kitchens, secure food, medicine and clothing for the new “Swedish citizens” and the many children orphaned by the Nazi violence. A master of diplomacy, organisation, threats, bribery and charm he brought people back from the death trains and death marches.

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