Storyboard Kurdistan

Statement on Behalf of the Kurdish Nation

The idea behind this website is to do an online storyboard in the hope of capturing as much interest and support for the Kurdish cause as possible, but this method could be applied to any worthwhile cause with a very tight budget. I want to show people who have possibly lost hope that it can be done. The key message is that we do not have to accept what the institutions of power and others tell us is reality (e.g. propaganda) when we know it to be very different and have to live with the consequences. This website is in keeping with the principles of inclusion and social justice.

A storyboard is a tool used in the film, television and commercials industries to sell an idea and as a lifelong film fan I know the power of that industry to inform and influence for good or bad. The aspiration is to capture worldwide attention but at the very least to provide an interactive website that is as helpful as possible. It involves approaching major issues from a different angle in the hope of elevating, summarising and showcasing an essential story from the people. In hierarchical terms this is a bottom up approach (from the people) as opposed to a top down one (to the people) and so provides a truer and better basis for necessary solutions.

I aimed to utilise and maximise the potential of what is already in circulation on social media and other outlets. This cuts costs and maintains integrity in the sense that it facilitates people telling their own story. Everyone gets the credit for their part of the story and the option to add contact details, a collaborative jigsaw if you like. In this case the story arose from a movement on social networking known as #TwitterKurds This website attempts to support that as a central community resource, pulling together the wealth of information in circulation. It also hopefully shows that social networking can be used to address deficits and inaccuracies in mainstream media coverage and to achieve something worthwhile.

It is a template, a framework and I hope one which can be widely applied to various causes. I have aimed to keep it as clear and concise as possible to help ensure interest and hopefully assistance.

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