I’m appealing to those who support the cause of genocide recognition to embrace current genocide, those at risk currently as priority must surely be given to the saving of lives. I believe that this would be the wish of the victims of genocide and that by doing this the genocide recognition movement will gain momentum and the best chance of a breakthrough.


This backdrop of genocides has resulted in a life of defensive combat / counterterrorism for the Kurdish people, largely compelled to be real life gladiators if you like to ensure their survival. As indicated there is a continuous and very high level loss of martyrs to maintain what most of us take as a given, a life of reasonable security in a home and land that we can call our own where basic human rights and needs are met. Martyrdom is something that the Kurdish people have come to accept as normal but martyrdom should never become normalised nor a dominant way of life. What they have had to deal with however and in the long-term absence of sufficient support from the wider world has left them no choice. They have in fact coped with extreme conditions extremely well. Those who survive suffer in numerous ways also and immeasurably.

>> Saviours of Humanity